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Questions And Answers


So, who are you?
We are a team of board game designers Trehgrannik. We create board games and make efforts for them to become published. You can read more about our team here.

How can I contact you?
The most certain way to contact us is to write an e-mail to We will answer as soon as we can.

On a page of one of your games I’ve seen a whole bunch of links to different kinds of shops and internet resources but there is no link to my retail outlet/article/review.
Contact us and we will be glad to add a link to your material on our site.

I’ve got an idea of a board game! I want you to publish it!
We’re glad for you but we are not a board game publisher and this means that we don’t publish board games. Despite the stage of your game development (basic idea or finished project) we can’t help you with it.

I’ve got a published game! Sell it!
We are not a shop of anything including board games so we can’t sell your game.

I want to make a board game. Can you help me with anything?
Creating a board game is a long and laborious process. It has a lot of nuances that can’t be easily explained. You can try to find anything interesting from our articles about board games.

I want to play your game named _______________ (insert any name of our game here) but it’s not published yet/not finished/can’t be found in stores. This is outrageous!
We create board games but do not publish or sell them. Of course, we are interested in our games to be published and sold but that’s a question not for us.

I want to know when and with whose help your next game will be available? What do publishers say?
Sadly, we cannot share the information about the negotiations between us and the publishers. And the publisher always knows better about the release of the game.

For publishers and other partners

I want to order a game developing by you. Is it possible?
Yes, we create board games to order with any theme and any format. We can also assume appearance and printing of the game if you want us to. Contact us and we’ll make a game you want.

I want to know more about your projects that are ready to be published, but I cannot find anything about them on your website.
You can contact us via e-mail Tell us what kind of games you’re interested in, and we’d be glad to offer you some of our projects.

How can I take a look at your games?
We can send you all needed materials (print-and-play kit and rules of the game) via e-mail. We can also send you these materials by post, but it will take much more time to receive. You can also meet us personally in Moscow. Meeting in another city is not always possible.