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undersea adventures
15-30 min
10 min
game board (1 item), cards (75 item), bathyscaphe (1 item)

Feel yourself a captain of a real bathyscaphe and explore the sea depths with the team of fearless submariners. Undersea monsters, dangerous whirlwinds, impetuous flows, curious fishes. Interesting plot and simple rules, colorful images and funny heroes — this game has everything to have fun playing it with your family!

Briefly about the game: 
  • Bathyscaphe is a game not only for children, but for their parents. It’s fun to play this game with your whole family!
  • Children will learn numbers and simple arithmetic operations, playing and having fun.
  • Bathyscaphe is not just an interesting board game, but colorful illustrations.
Rules of the game: 
Questions and answers: 

The bathyscaphe lands on 40 exactly. Does it crash?
Nope, the bathyscaphe crashes on 41 or more.

I don’t have a crew card I want on my hand. I can play any, but it will result in a crash. What to do?
You don’t have a choice other that to crash the bathyscaphe and don’t calculate your victory points. But, hey, better luck next time!

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