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Bug Race

Гонки жуков
fun races for the whole family
5-15 min
10 min
modular game board (1 item), bugs tiles (4 items), bugs legs (24 items), cards (70 items)

Have you ever tried yourself in a race of little bugs? No? Then this game can correct this. Easy rules, fast actions, clear rules and no dice. Children will love funny bugs tripping on the game board. But there will be only one winner, the one to cross the finish line. Get ready to race!

Briefly about the game: 
  • Funny game for the whole family with easy and clear rules. Children will easily learn the rules without any help.
  • Original mechanics for moving your insects to the finish. Each player controls six legs of his bug and tries not to get entangled!
  • The game combines randomness and tactical elements in such proportions that children will be pleased.
Rules of the game: 

Bug Race is a simple game and its rules are quite simple too. First of all assemble the game board with the big red apple in the center. This is the prize for the race. If you like you can put the real prize there. Then each player chooses his bug and takes his body and all of his legs and places them on the starting point. The race is about to begin!

Each player takes two cards from the deck. He keeps one of them and gives another one to his neighbor hoping that another neighbor will give him the card he needs. Both of these cards are used to move forward bug’s legs, and moving your bug to the finish is the goal of this game. Make your bug not get entangled and make his way to the prize before his rivals win.

Alternative rules are for the ones who seek depth and strategy in the game. These rules make players take four cards instead of two. And those who like robots more that insects may flit game components and race on the space station.

Questions and answers: 

In which order do I move bug’s legs?
In any order you like. You can move the front legs first and then move the rear ones or vice versa.

May I move one leg of my bug first, then move the body of my bug and then move another leg?
Yes, you can even if you move these legs with a single card.

What’s the difference between the bugs and the robots?
There is no difference but pictures. You can even organize a race between bugs and robots if you like.

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