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fun logistics in space with cats
15-30 min
10 min
cards (64 items), tokens (4 items)

The main characters of this game are cats in rockets, which we called catonaughts, and they want to reach their homes. To help them, you need to travel in space, build useful tracks and takes kitties to their planets. The winner is the one who would take the most number of catonaughts to their homes.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Simple rules, children will easily learn them.
  • Catonaughts — main characters of this game — will be definitely loved by everyone. You like kitties, don’t you?
  • Nice game for children with a pleasant level of competition.
  • Each turn the player takes catonaughts from one planet. Such frequent acquiring won’t leave anyone aggrieved.
  • This game is not only for children, but also for grown-ups, and thanks to a small box it can be easily played outdoors or in the bus or train.
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