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fun circus acts
15-30 min
10 min
game board (1 item), cards (106 items), wooden disks (24 items), wooden cubes (48 items)

Players send their best artists into the ring to perform an act. If your artist is better than the previous one, then there is a deafening applause which earns you points. The success of this performance is based on which upgrades your artist has. Each cube that matches a cube of the previous performing artist is worth 1 point, but each cube that doesn’t match is worth 2 points. The spectators like variety after all!

Briefly about the game: 
  • Simple game about circus shows.
  • A game in which randomness accords perfectly with tactics.
  • Pay attention to which artists you send out onstage. The less upgrades of the same kind your performer and the previous one have, the more victory points you score.
  • Circus is a good experience for all companies.
Rules of the game: 
Questions and answers: 

If by the end of the game I’m the only player with performer of one speciality, how many victory points do I score? 3 for the most number of upgrade cubes on that performer and 3 more for being the only player with performer of that speciality. Right?
No, you score only 3 victory points. You cannot score victory points for a single performer twice.

During the advanced play can I use special action and upgrade my caravan during a single turn?
Yes. Using special abilities does not prevent you from upgrading your circus.

The Talent card is the cheapest card among all and can upgrade any number of performers. Isn’t it an overkill?
As soon as the Talent card gives its upgrade cube, it goes to the discard pile.

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