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funny excavations for children
5-15 min
10 min
cards (48 items), tokens (4 items)

At first get acquainted with dinosaurs, and then begin to gather these prehistoric beasts to score victory points. Use strategy wisely, because more cards gained don’t mean more points. Choose the correct tactics, and the victory will be yours.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Simple rules, children will learn them easily.
  • Funny dinosaurs to play with. You can create new species, unknown by now.
  • Children will definitely love colorful illustrations.
  • The game’s not so straightforward as it seems. You’ll always have to think what card to play and what card to keep on your hand.
Rules of the game: 
Questions and answers: 

It so happened that my dinosaur was assembled on my opponent’s turn. Can I take it in the beginning of my turn?
No, you can take it only after you make your turn and only if you don’t move anywhere from this dinosaur.

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