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In Windes Eule

reaction and speed game
5-15 min
10 min
location mats (7 items), cards (96 items)

Almost everybody knows Merlin. And the names of legendary magic schools have been written in famous books as well. Many great and small witches are being widely talked about. Even the names of their brooms are often better known than their owls, ravens or bats — which is totally unjustified. The clandestine cats, the cunning rats, and the faithful flying dragons are the ones that pull the chestnuts out of the fire and get the mistletoes from the trees for their masters.

Briefly about the game: 
  • This game is simple and fast. Test your speed.
  • Different locations give you victory points in different ways. Choose a few and gain the maximum amount of victory points from them or gain a little from each location.
  • Be careful. The goal of the game is not to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible, but to gain as many victory points as you can by playing your helpers wisely.
  • Do not be afraid of losing in the first rounds. You’ll catch up with your opponents in latter rounds.
Rules of the game: 
Questions and answers: 

If I have no animals in the castle, can I score points in a two- or three-player game?
No. You must place at least one card there to score points.

If there are no rats and no cats in the village, does this trigger a plague of rats?
No. A plague cannot occur without a single rat.

If there is at least one cat but no rats in the village, what happens?
There is no plague of rats, so victory points for animals are scored as usual. However, cats don’t bring any points.

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