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Kingdoms the CG

simple monarch simulator
30-45 min
10 min
cards (84 items)

Monarch’s life is not so simple as it seems. The ruler must always keep an eye on his kingdom. To do so one must govern separate provinces to make each settlement give the most income. Should the monarch become heedless for a moment he won’t notice that some provinces became unprofitable. But this is one half of the problem. The other half is rivals each of them trying to make their kingdom the most prosperous one and always disturbing their neighbors. Who will be the best ruler of his kingdom? The time will show.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Easy to learn and explain rules.
  • Play cards to interfere enemies' plans.
  • Bluff. It's not hard to make other players get nervous while having bad cards on your hand.
  • Notice when it's better to step back. By destroying your village you will not only lose nothing but also may make a good combination.
Questions and answers: 

Can there be more than five cards in a single province?
No. When five cards lay in a province, it’s discarded. Either you lose it or it gives you victory points from now on. Characters’ properties don’t allow to ignore this rule.

How can jesters be enticed? They are colorless.
They are not quite colorless. Jesters are the color of the province they’re in.

What’s the color of the province with only jesters in it?
It might be of any color. For example, you may play a blue card to this province and it will become blue. But remember that the player cannot have two provinces of the same color. If it has one red province then another one might be either blue or green.

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