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Kings Under Mountains

Подземные короли, Шахты
tactical fight for mines
30-45 min
10 min
cards (88 items)

Kings Under Mountains is a simple and complex game at the same time in which players try to gain control on mines. The gameplay is somewhat between territory conquering and card drafting. Despite the random part which takes place in all such card games this one allows player to plan his actions, and there is always a choice to help yourself or to cause damage to your opponent. Quiet simple rules that are not that easy to master. Kings Under Mountains is not only a family game but also a competition between experienced players.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Easy rules. It won’t take much time to learn them.
  • Good choice to think about during the game. Random part of the game won’t interfere you to think several steps ahead.
  • Unit cards are not so simple as they seem. A single card has its race and a number but that’s enough to make a player think how to play this card.
  • Play to learn the complexity of the game. The more you play the more interesting tactical moments you’ll find.
  • Each card has two sides but only one of them will be used during the game. This will not only increase replayability but also allows players to play cards the most profitable side up.
  • Any player can increase time of the game or decrease it. Choose the one you need: more time to realize your plans or les time to interfere your rivals not to realize their plans.
Rules of the game: 

Four mine cards are placed between players. These are treasures to fight for. On his turn each player plays a card from his hand and then draws a card from the deck. Seem easy as can be but that’s the trick. There are not only limitations on the zones where you can play cards but also your choice defines a lot.

How the game was created: 

Complete story of game creation

Questions and answers: 

What will happen if the last card put on the mine is a dwarf card but there is no dwarf king among players?
The mine will be taken by the player who put his card.

In which order are the cards put to the mine camp? For example, these cards lay on the mine in this order: orc with power of 2, goblin with power of 3 and goblin with power of 7.
Units will be placed in reverse order. First of all the top card is put to the camp and that’s the goblin card with power of 7. The goblin with power of 3 will be put on it. The last card put to the camp will be orc card but it will be placed to orc discard pile.

Played unit cards can be taken back to hand. This means that the game will never end if players will always take cards from the camp. Right?
No, that’s impossible. Only the cards that were used to conquer mine are put to camp. The cards that were used to develop mine are discarded and won’t be used in the game again.

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