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making words with the keyboard
15-30 min
10 min
game board (1 item), board for scoring (1 item), cards with pictures (16 items), tokens (40 items)

In this game you need not only to make words, but also to pay attention, trying to guess words, which your opponents are making. See, who’s most sharp, smart and has the best vocabulary.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Play with words in this simple game.
  • Double-sided game board allows not only to learn one language, but also to learn other languages with the same or similar alphabets.
  • In Qwerty you need not only to make words, but also to watch your opponents, preventing them from gaining victory points for their words.
  • Play with your family to see who’s the most erudite among you.
Questions and answers: 

What happens, if there several same letters in my word?
You count each token the number of times it’s located in the word you’ve chosen.

And if this token doubles victory points? How many will I get then?
You will get twice more victory points. Capital token doubles victory not more than once for each word.

And what if the player’s only token in the word is the capital one? What then?
This player doesn’t get victory points, because 0 multiplied by 2 is 0.

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