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Tan-tan Caravan

trading and set collection
30-45 min
10 min
game board (1 item), cards (105 items), score pad (1 item)

Stroll around Tan Tan Market’s alleys and acquire the most precious selection of local crafts. Be the first to finish filling the caravan with these picks and you will secure your access to the best choice of treasures while keeping away the little mice ready to nibble away at your riches. Seek the favors of the Princess, merchants and Genie, however, be wary of thieves.

Briefly about the game: 
  • A simple game about trading.
  • Load caravans with not only goods, but also mice that destroy your opponents’ goods. Just be careful not to have a taste of your own medicine.
  • The more goods of different types there are in the caravan, the more likely you will get profit from it, but the lower the chance to gain more profit than your opponents from such caravan.
Rules of the game: 
Questions and answers: 

May I place less cards of the same kind to the caravan that I have on my hand?

The caravan is full at the start of my turn. What happens?
That’s a pretty rare case. Begin the distribution of cards in the caravan immediately. After that your turn starts as normal.