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WTF: Whisky Table Friends

simple card game
15-30 min
10 min
cards (83 items)

WTF: Whisky Table Friends is a simple card game similar to Russian Game of Fool. But, unlike the Game of Fool, you need not only to get rid of your cards in Whisky Table Friends but to get as little penalty points as possible. The winner is the one who succeeds at this after three plays.

Briefly about the game: 
  • The game has simple rules, easy to learn during the play.
  • Whisky Table Friends doesn’t take much time to play. One game lasts about 15 minutes.
  • It’s a party game and a family game as well.
  • WFT doesn’t require much space and can easily fit into the pocket. Take the game for the trip!
Rules of the game: 

Players act in turns playing cards from their hands, and most of the cards have just numbers on them. Despite such simplicity, there’s something to think about, but WTF: Whisky Table Friends is a simple and fast game and not a hard logical puzzle.

Questions and answers: 

I need to beat three cards of four (sum 12), and I’ve got two cards of six on my hand (sum 12 too). Can I use my 2 cards to beat 3?
No. The sum total of cards you use to beat must be strictly greater than the sum total of cards you’re trying to beat.

I need to beat a couple of fives, and I have fives on my hand as well. How many can I use to pass the cards further?
As many as you like: From one to all cards with that number you have on your hand.

Card of 12 is lying in front of me, which I need to beat. I’ve got two cards of 12 on my hand. Can I use them to beat this single card? 24 is more than 12, you know.
You cannot. You can use only cards with other numbers to beat. You can use cards with the same number only to pass these cards to the next player.

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