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Magic Hat

Шапка-невидимка, Auf der Hut
memory game
15-30 min
10 min
cards (44 items), tokens (16 items), reminder (1 item)

There’s a real panic in a magical kingdom — someone switched all headdresses of all guests in the castle. But maybe the reason of the panic was not someone’s mischief, but a prolonged revelry, when guests started leaving only in the morning. Anyway, someone needs to correct this and help each character find his or her proper headdress. The one who copes with this task best will be the winner.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Cap of Invisibility is a simple game for children but can be interesting for the whole family or as a party game.
  • Train your memory with this game.
  • One can not only play Cap of Invisibility but also try different headdresses on different characters. Children will love that!
  • You can think of your own rules for this game if you like.
Rules of the game: 
How the game was created: 

Complete story of game creation

Questions and answers: 

It might happen so that one player will switch two cards, and the next player will switch them back. The game will never end this way, right?
Actually, players cannot switch back cards that were switched the very previous turn. There is nothing about it in the rules, though.

It can happen that one player will get plenty of victory points, and other players won’t have a single chance to win. What’s the point in continuing the game?
Pleasure from just playing the game, of course! But you can immediately stop this round and play another one.

We came up with the new rules for this game, and we liked it very much. We would like to share our rules.
Great! You can send us your rules for our game and we will post them on our site.