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tribe growing strategy
30-45 min
20 min
player mats (4 items), cards (112 items), notepad for scoring (1 item)

Spirits of nature are whispering to us of what’s to come. As proud as always free American natives we hear this call. So, as we feel the gusts of icy winds from the north, the long and harsh winter is awaiting us. Take the role of one of the chieftains of the four tribes and, no matter what it takes, you have to prepare to face this great peril.

Briefly about the game: 
  • The game is for the ones who like something simple, and also for the ones who are not afraid to meet complexity in games.
  • Begin with a small camp and turn it into the great tribe with lots of goods in warehouses, totems and scalps of your rivals.
  • Improve your tribe of Natives using one of available ways or discover your own strategies to win.
Rules of the game: 

Rules in the game Natives are quite simple. In the beginning of his turn the player reveals one card from the deck, then takes a card or several ones from the face up ones to his possession: new people to the tribe, totems, rites or food. Just remember that at some points one most needed card is better than three completely random ones.

Questions and answers: 

This game reminds of Inuit: The Snow Folk. Is there a link between them?
Yes, Inuit: The Snow Folk is redisigned Natives.

If I take a woman or a man card with Elder’s ability, can I make an Elder out of the new Native and use this ability to take another card?
You can’t. Newly recruited Elders cannot use their abilities on the same turn they came to the tribe.

May I take Rites and Totems with Shamans on the same turn? Or do I need to choose one type of cards?
You can take Rites and Totems at the same time as long as the number of your Shamans allows it.

If, for example, I have two Shamans, may each of them bring me a Rite and a Totem?
Nope. One character can bring you not more than one card.

Let’s say, I have three Scouts. Do I need to say the exact number of card I wand to open this turn?
No, you open cards one by one and you can stop this any time you like. You don’t have to use Scouts, if you don’t want to.

It is known, that women in this game belong to two tribes at the same time. Does this mean, that each card of a woman will give 1 victory point to two players at the end of the game?
Yes, if both players of these tribes are in the game.

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