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Inuit: The Snow Folk

tribe growing strategy
30-45 min
20 min
player mats (4 items), cards (117+46 items), notepad for scoring (1 item)

As aurora borealis fills the night sky with fantastical light, and the eyes of those who came before look upon you, it has fallen on you to lead your village to power and prosperity. Now is the time to grow in numbers and strength, to build, to hunt, to look to the spirits of the white wilderness, and to prove yourself the greatest leader of the Snow Folk.

Briefly about the game: 
  • The game is for the ones who like something simple, and also for the ones who are not afraid to meet complexity in games.
  • Begin with a small camp and turn it into the great tribe.
  • Improve your tribe using one of available ways or discover your own strategies to win.
Rules of the game: 
Questions and answers: 

This game reminds of Natives. Is there a link between them?
Yes, Inuit: The Snow Folk is redisigned Natives.

How many cards are there in the game?
117 in the basic game, 46 more in the add-ons.