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Game of Trains

Game of trains 迷途小火車, Sínen vagyunk, Gra o Tor
train cars arrangement competition
5-15 min
10 min
cards (88 items)

In this game each player is in charge for his line of trains. In the beginning of the game, the train cars in front of each player are sorted in descending order. The aim of the game is to be the first one to rearrange your train cars in correct order.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Easy to learn game for the whole family.
  • Despite numerous numbers in the game, you do not need to add, subtract or multiply them.
  • To rely on randomness or to act for sure? To help yourself or to interfere your opponent’s plans? The player will meet such dilemmas each turn.
Rules of the game: 

As you can see the Game of Trains is a simple game about trains. First of all, each player forms his train in which cars are in descending order. But that’s not right! And this means that each player will make train cars in ascending order.

Each turn player can do one of the following: take a random card from the deck or use definite ability of the card which was removed from any train earlier. If the player takes the card from the deck he replaces any of his cards with this new card. If the player uses the ability of the card then he removes this card from the game. These abilities are: switch two cards, replace all specified cards in all trains, protect your train from others’ mischief.

Make your train moving onwards to victory!

Questions and answers: 

This game reminds of Wonderful Towers. Is there a link between them?
Yes, they have very similar mechanics. The game Wonderful Towers can be met in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Game of Trains can be met in the other world.

And that’s all?
No, their game mecnahincs differ too. If you want, you can play Wonderful Towers with cards from Game of Trains and vice versa.

I like the game, but it usually ends rahter quickly. Is there a way to extend the time of play?
Of course! As Jo Lawrence advises, you can use one of the following rules or both:
1. Each player creates his or her train with 9 cars instead of 7.
2. When the player arranges all cars in his or her train in ascending order, the game doesn’t stop. This player needs to arrange all cars in descending order now. This is called “The Return Journey”.

Can this game be played solo?
There is no official solo mode, but crusador84 came up with his rules which can be accessed using the link.