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Wonderful Towers

Чудесные башни
tower-building competition
5-15 min
10 min
cards (84 items), tokens (14 items)

The ruler has left the city but before he gave his architects orders to build high towers which could become the capitol’s remarkable sights. Architects have built the towers but it so happened that workers were holding the prints upside down and so they have built towers upside down too. Now you need to correct their mistakes and you also need to do it quicker than your colleagues who are other architects.

Briefly about the game: 
  • Easy to learn game fot the whole family.
  • Despite numerous numbers in the game, you do not need to add, subtract or multiply them.
  • Rely on randomness or act for sure? Help yourself or make harm to your opponent? The player will meet such dilemmas each turn.
  • The game Wonderful Towers is not so obvious as it seems. Try to be sure of it!
Questions and answers: 

This game reminds of Wonderful Towers. Is there a link between them?
Yes, they have very similar mechanics. The game Wonderful Towers can be met in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Game Of Trains can be met via the other world.

And that’s all?
No, ther game mecnahincs differ too. If you want, you can play Wonderful Towers with cards from Game Of Trains and vice versa.

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